A downloadable Silicon-Galaxy for Windows

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4 different playable spaceships!
Two gamemodes Versus and Arcade!
Split screen up to 4 players on both game modes!

CRT style filter!
Lasers, Space machineguns, Atomic devices. Do you need even more?
Show your friends who's the best pilot in the galaxy!

Instructions: -> Press "F2" to set up controls.

Twitter: @SGPrescott

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(6 total ratings)
AuthorSilicon Galaxy
GenreAction, Shooter, Simulation
TagsArcade, deathmatch, Multiplayer, Retro, Sci-fi, Space, Space Sim, Versus


Buy Now$3.99 USD or more

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Hello! Does this game have online multiplayer? Or is it only local?

Only split screen local.

Alright, thanks

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I am using an Xbox One controller and want to use the Left Trigger for  Accelerate, but it does not let me?  Attached is a picture with L & R triggers circled.

Accelerate it's an action button. It can not assigned to an axis. Sorry about this inconvenience.


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How do you Quit the game?


Sorry but pause is not implemented.

The game pretends to be "a full arcade experience"
You can quit the game by pressing Alt+f4

Much appreciated!

So here's a weird thing. The game didn't see every axis of my joystick. It saw the pitch axis (up and down) but not the yaw or roll axes. When I tried to switch to a gamepad, when I selecting pushing up to go down, up still went up, regardless of how I set it. Noooooot great. Please help. 

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thats weird. I tested It even on really weird unbranded chinese joysticks. Can you tell me more information about? Joystick name, every input devices you got on your computer por any possibly related information?

Are you emulating the Game though Linux like wine?

And please it would be usefull if you send me a picture from your device's properties window. So i can see it's axis buttons and that stuff.

Hey I'm running Windows 10 and it's a Microsoft Sidewinder Force Feedback 2 stick and it's the only game controller currently connected. I've also tried it with a Microsoft XBox One Gamepad, which at the time was also the only controller connected to the PC (I never have multiple controllers connected).  

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which of those axis is the one that is not detected? and which button are you trying to set up?

It looks like that controller is 100% compatible. I have tested it with a really similar one that is from logitech too. I can't figure out why it may not work.

Did the Xbox 360 controller worked fine?

On the joystick, it didn't detect the stick going left or up, but did detect it going right and down. 

Xbone controller worked okay. You should let people know controls are by default inverted. I pushed down on the stick to climb, but it kept going down, for example. 


In case it's a bug and not a driver issue related to your joystick, it may take me to find this issue several days. A temporal solution you can apply to this issue is to use "x360ce".  It's a xbox360 gamepad emulator that will make games think that you plugged an xbox360 controller and not your logitech one.

How do i start the game after it is launched?

Press F2 to set Up constrols and then use accelerator as "start" sorry if its not obvious.

Thank you so much

What is accelerator i don't see it?

NVM i got it

Did you just uppdate it to tell them to set controls? Also great game


LOL no. The message appears every time you open the game until you enter the "bios mode".

Good game retro style, has different spaceships, each with a different shooting mode.
Really good for arcade machine.

this is pretty good

Thank you! ^^

Stay tuned. New Beta will come soon!